How to bedazzle your wedding tootsies!

How to bedazzle your wedding tootsies!

To jazz up a plain pair of heels (or flats, your choice), all you need is:

  • A steady hand
  • Some clean and smooth shoes
  • Some fabric glue (you can get glue especially for sticking on rhinestones)
  • Rhinestones in your choice of colour

To bedazzle my heels, I needed about 500 rhinestones, which should cost you no more than £5. You can get them from all good fabric shops or online. You can use Swarovski Crystals which obviously look much better and more sparkly, but will cost you about 10 times as much. Up to you!

There really is not much to this process. You need clean and dry shoes, clean and steady hands and patience! Just add a little bit of glue to the part of the shoe you want to stick the rhinestone. Don’t put loads of glue on, but don’t worry if the glue oozes from underneath the rhinestone when you have stuck it down. This will dry clear. Make sure you clean any random bits of glue from other parts of the shoe if you spill any though as you will end up with a bit of a mess!

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When you have mastered the technique, just go as far as you want. I started by jazzing up the front of my shoes, but for the purposes of this article, I did the heels too.

Good luck!

DIY your wedding shoes

DIY your wedding shoes

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