Flower Trends Every Bride Needs To Make A Note Of

Flower Trends Every Bride Needs To Make A Note Of

Wedding trends ebb and flow like a Norfolk tide over the salt marshes, constantly changing and evolving with the times. Gowns have ventured away from the traditional ivory lace, stationery is becoming more flamboyant than Elton John in the eighties and venues seem to be embracing the industrial ambience.

However, it is the area of wedding flowers that seems to change more than anything else. So, to help you keep your bridal party ahead of the curve this year, we’ve pulled together a list of the most breathtaking trends you need to know about and explore with your florist.

Colour Of The Year

Wedding Day Flower And Bouquet Inspiration | Realwedding.co.uk

If there is one thing every wedding planner waits for on bated breath each year, it is the Pantone colour of the year announcement, which is always a huge indicator of what trends will erupt and, this year, that colour is ultra violet. This is a huge difference from last year’s green, which saw foliage enter receptions in every way imaginable. Ultra violet, however, is that bright and glamorous colour every bride can get excited about; one that will make every venue and photo stand out in the best way possible.

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Colour It Copper

Wedding Day Flower And Bouquet Inspiration | Realwedding.co.uk

If you are looking for some DIY wedding ideas when it comes to your bouquet, then we advise you to go down the copper route, which is without a doubt the metallic look of the year. It is that look of luxury and warmth and sophistication. The good news is, there are so many bronze-coloured flowers you can pick to accent your big bouquets. You could even spray some classic buds in a lovely light copper to get the look you want. To really make it pop, combine it with crisp whites. Trust us, it will ooze style.

Writing’s On The Wall

Wedding Day Flower And Bouquet Inspiration | Realwedding.co.uk

The concept of living walls started to spring up at the most stylish weddings last year, and now they’re set to dance across the venues of even more in 2018. It is this idea of having a vertical display of flowers, that gorgeous and vibrant backdrop that will make an incredible impact no matter how you use them – behind your cake, above your gift table, for your photos. Traditional weddings are white. The gown, the cake, the bouquet, the decorations. So having a colourful living wall will make this look of luxe pop like never before.

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Single And Super

How To Make Those Wedding Reception Tables Extra Special

Another trend that cannot be ignored is the use of just one, single colour for flower arrangements. Why? Because nothing creates so much gorgeous intensity and impact than one colour, yet it does so without distracting from everything else, and it does so in a way that celebrates the individual wow of each flower used. You could decide to rock this look using ultra violet flowers, or a blanket of yellow, or a pure white selection; it’s up to you. Just know it will look magical, whichever colour you choose.

As for the other trends that look like they could enter the world of flowers, succulents are having a moment, as are wearable flower arrangements, whether as a bracelet or a headpiece.

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Flower Trends Every Bride Needs To Make A Note Of

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